XOMA Corporation (Nasdaq: XOMA) is a biotech enterprise capitalizing on its antibody legacy in a new way. With over 35 years of discovery activity, XOMA currently has over fifty partnered and fully funded programs with the potential to drive milestone and royalty payments, along with multiple additional programs ready for out-licensing. XOMA’s business strategy is to grow shareholder value by combining the revenue streams derived from this existing portfolio with future newly acquired milestone and royalty revenues while adopting a lean cost infrastructure, to deliver growing cash flow and profits.

Our current portfolio of fully funded programs spans multiple stages of the drug development process and across various therapeutic areas.  Some of those programs have produced promising preclinical and clinical data. In addition, many of them come from the same discovery engine that has produced successful drugs on the market today. We have a significant number of licensees to our phage display, antibody discovery and engineering technologies and capabilities.  These licenses have been and we believe will continue to be important tools for use by drug discovery scientists, and therefore a source of revenue for the company.  By expanding our phage display licensee universe, we continue to fuel an engine that we hope will create valuable milestone and royalty assets in the future.

Assets Available for Partnering