XMetA originated from the anti-InsR antibody program and was selected as a partial activator of the human insulin receptor. They are fully human, high-affinity, allosteric monoclonal antibodies that selectively modulate the insulin receptor (INSR).

Structurally unrelated to insulin, XMetA antibodies bind the INSR at a different site than insulin and do not significantly interfere with insulin binding.  This drug candidate therefore has utility countering hyperglycemia – i.e. it lowers blood glucose – and thus can be used alone or in combination with insulin or other approved drugs for treating diabetic conditions.


XMetA is designed to provide long-acting reduction of hyperglycemia in Type 2 diabetic patients, potentially reducing the advancement to a number of insulin injections needed to control their blood glucose levels.

Stage of Development

Studies performed with XMetA have demonstrated that it reduced hyperglycemia in rodents and larger animals both acutely and over 6-week dosing periods. Significant reduction in Hemoglobin A1c levels – a standard clinical and regulatory measure for glucose metabolism – were also observed. The potential product profile is encouraging for development in Type 2 diabetes.