Phage Display Platform

We have a premier antibody discovery and development platform that incorporates leading capabilities in antibody phage display, library construction, proprietary antibody humanization and affinity enhancement and Bacterial Cell Expression (BCE) technologies. BCE was a key breakthrough for the discovery and manufacturing of antibodies and other proteins. Over 60 pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies have signed licenses to XOMA's BCE technology.

The XOMA antibody platform is built as a combination of novel technologies and unique know-how.  XOMA’s access to major commercial phage libraries provided us with special insight and knowledge to create top-performing custom libraries.  Our novel expression-enhancing advancements improve the functional activity of our phage libraries.  In addition, we have demonstrated that with optimized panning techniques we can maximize specific hits to cell-surface targets, including GPCRs, and help identify antibodies with unique modulatory function.



XOMA’s Phage Display Library platform has several competitive advantages:

  1. Unique vector design with 3 tags, amber codon, and Gene 3 stump
  2. Very large library (>1011) to maximize the probability of a hit
  3. Fully human, natural repertoire with a choice of fragment format and a high percentage of open reading frames

This platform enables partners to discover and develop antibody therapeutics using our integrated display system and favorable IP position.